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The Revival Alcohol, dope, and the company you keep are not just undesirable, health wise but could adversely impact behavioural pattern in a manner that would appear harsh and inconsiderate to your near and dear ones.

The Revival works dramatically on an individual in getting their latent admirable qualities to the forefront.

You will realize this only when you are bereft of their usage and hasten the process of reforms.
The Disgraced Star Sporting skills are latent and needs to be identified very early in life. Once the identification is completed, they need to be nurtured, nursed and sustained.

The identification should be systemic, right from schooling stage in order to enhance, augment and boost the inherent skill sets. Schools ought to acknowledge and provide necessary funds to start the process of building up of the skills.

In India we have a process in place but the funds are found lacking due to dearth of sponsorship, particularly in sports that has inadequate footfalls.

Alok an eminent athlete, found wanting for need of funds when he had ample skills within him to excel. As his parents struggled to meet ends after skipping several meals, so as to feed him with nutritious food he found himself falling short of money despite participating in international athletic meets.

Money was never forthcoming despite assurances by various sponsor groups, to sports that fell short of attracting eyeballs. Lack of funds could impact a lot of allied support that the athlete requires, including mental care as well.

Alok's is a poignant tale of the poor conditions prevalent in the third world countries that hinders the sporting fraternity in its quest for adequate talents.
The Cycle of Life Life is ideally an exercise on interdependence that calls for bonding with people, sharing their joys and sorrows along with your own, loving soulfully and reveling in unison.

The Cycle of Life is a journey through the various phases of living, when you discover happiness even in the most depressing times!

“Those we love never truly leave us; these are things that death cannot touch!”
The Family Diaries Family Diaries are tales that relates well with Indian families, the generational gaps that are prominent and attempts to bridge the same, meeting with limited success.

It also reflects on the rapidly evolving status of the youth of today's times and the transient changes in the value systems of the time.

Parenting the mind speaks about the need for parents to comprehend the mind of the child before setting up goals for him. It is hence essential for the parent to cultivate an ambience during such times wherein the children are given the freedom to voice their opinion candidly.

It would not be in the interest of the child to set career goals that align to the marketplace. Any amount of aid to promote a self-aggrandized scheme of the parent, would not only hamper the growth of the child but could lead to unwarranted situations.

The call of the conscience is the saga of a period that is incompatible and hence in a mode of continuous conflict. It is a narrative that requires flexibility in the mindset of the senior folks to even up with the times. A rigid approach could end up in self-imposed isolation of the senior citizen.

It could be detrimental for the elderly to pull up the young for going astray as it would only amount to making them follow the old line of thinking and be left out in the process. It is essential for each one of us to try and bridge the gap to the maximum extent possible.

Retrospection is a tale of marital discord that emanates despite many years of togetherness. It is a commentary on how a brief period of intimacy lasting for many years may not be necessarily enough to forge an inseparable bond. Bonding is about the meeting of the minds when a lot of aspects in their behaviour would have to complement each other.

It is important in such cases to have a senior person to act as a guide and work for the interest of the relationship in mind.

The Forbidden fruit is about adversity that brings a couple together despite their age gap. Bonding develops only when the minds are aligned and coordinated with the distress of each other. A happy go lucky existence may not provoke a passionate relationship and could pave way for distractions and leanings into forbidden areas.

There will never exist a family that display utopian culture and hence one needs to take several imperfections in one's stride to take the relationship ahead on a sound footing.
Nursing A Dream Life is a mission wherein a lot of goals must be met to transcend various milestones. Happiness is an emotion as you journey through the same. It is a byproduct of your labor and toil.

Absolute happiness is attained when you are cloaked in the mantle of righteousness, when your integrity is unquestionable and judgement about people is true and valid.

Happiness needs to be earned and it is not for free.

Kill to Protect The need for separation erupts more to meet selfish interests and inflated egos and we call it as issues arising due to incompatibility.

Separation could be the sum total of the discontentment over a period of time which finally translates itself to splits Ville. Here the emphasis is more on the weaknesses of the partner and we tend to ignore the strengths.

In the course of the split the couple evolves into a self-centred, narcissistic and egocentric being. The emphasis is more on self, while the children are side lined. Their opinion hardly carries weight, the court room becomes a battle ground, where the accentuation is to emerge victorious.

In Search of Happiness It is imperative that one has to seek joy in sorrow as well, so as to enable us to unsettle the measure and make living a pleasant experience. Namrata aspired to extract joy in her mundane existence to tide over dispiritedness and gloom at her home. Her father had an almost fatal liver ailment due to heavy alcohol intake and mother lacked the will and physical energy to undertake domestic activity. Her soulmate, Deepak faced similar condition with both his parents ill, while the father was immobile and bed ridden, the mother was a chronic diabetic.

In Search of Happiness is a poignant tale that will give you an insight into the various modes of living and an attempt to derive happiness from it.

Happiness has to be sought and can never be got.
The Wild Goose Chase While the corporate honchos do display a fraction of insensitiveness, extensive brashness could forge adversaries among the rank and file, leading to a catastrophe during your trying times.

Rohan Nambiar found to his chagrin that the management books that were written could never cause a transition to your inherent character and you tend to remain influenced by the dictates of your head more than your heart.

Managing people is ingrained in the individual and learning only provides a wider platform for the final triumph.

The Wild Goose Chase is a tale that forewarns the dangers that lie ahead if the mantle of leadership is bestowed upon the shoulder of an inappropriate individual.
Life, Living and Livelihood The book is a compilation of many poems. The poems covered are all related to life.

It speaks of the depression the poet had been through due to the sudden and unexpected demise of his soulmate.

It talks about the joys and sorrows, trauma and distress of living.

It speaks of conflicts, terrorism, harassment and rape.

It talks of diseases, the pandemic and the frontline health workers and their services.

It reflects on poverty and struggle for livelihood.

It speaks of compassion and saintly people.

It preaches about motivation, wishful thinking.

It glorifies the woman and target their cause.

It celebrates the process of aging and lays down the guidelines for the aged.

It dwells on loneliness, seclusion and isolation and its divergence from solitude.

It speaks of death as well.

The epitome of it all is LOVE which is what keeps us moving!
United We Stand A family that comprises of teaching fraternity was superseded by a generation inclined to a lucrative profession that could up the ante of living. The daughter desired to break loose and escape to a megacity, primarily, for greater exposure and secondly, to dodge the elderly intruding in her affairs.

United We Stand is the story of how a collective thought-process can add value to your lives when it has a great bearing on your interest. Collective thinking, weighing all the pros and cons are, most likely, to be proposed only by the oldest social institution called Family.